Saturday, November 26, 2011

Talking Turkey about Swagbucks

I finally did it. I collected all of the collectors bills for Thanksgiving. I'm cocky as a "turkey" in a peacock farm about it too. This is the first set of collectors bills I have ever been able to complete and I've been swagging for two years now.

I found Swagbucks while doing a search for making money online and I've never looked back. After downloading their cool toolbar and searching with their search engine for things I normally searched using google or yahoo, I was addicted to seeing those special little bucks pop up every single day.

I've been able to pile up nearly $700.00 in my Amazon account just this year by simply making Swagbucks my home page too. ( My secret to remembering to use them every day.)

I'm always sure to take the poll each day and check out the surveys, plus get my daily dose of SwagbuckTV. They always have such awesome videos from decorating to cooking, and this month there's loads of holiday vids. (My guilty pleasure!)

If you haven't already, Join Swagbucks. It's loads of fun and the swaggernauts (the awesome members) are always more than willing to help and share their plethora of information for new swaggers.

Happy Holidays to all of you at Team Swagbuck and Merry Swagging to everyone!

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