Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy As A Clam With Free Swagbucks

Well, I have cashed out my 5 $5 AGC for this month and I am currently at 2876 Swagbucks. The race is now on to see if I can get the 5900 points it takes to get the $50 AGC this month. I have to average 344 points a day and I am just not sure if I can get that many everyday. So I might end up snagging an extra $25 AGC for 3150. That's an average of .... 27 Swagbucks a day. OH yeah! $25 AGC here I come. If you wanna help me out, you can join with me and earn an extra 30 Swagbucks for your own AGC's or KMart or Target or Paypal and lots more gift cards. Just by clicking on this link, you can save as much as you want on lots of great items! I'm happy as a clam with my free $50 to shop on Amazon every month and you will be too!

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