Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just Doing the Swag Buck Dance

Have you signed up for SwagBucks yet? After hearing about this program from numerous sources, I finally paid attention when a couple of my friends gave their vote that it's actually something worth signing up for.

SwagBucks allows you to earn points (called "swagbucks") just by using their search engine when searching online. If you're attached to using, like I am, don't worry -- the search results pull right from so it's really no different from Googling!

These points, which gradually accumulate, can be redeemed for prizes. Some of the most popular prizes are $5 Amazon Gift Cards (costs 450 points) and $5 PayPal Cash Cards (costs 700 points).

The good part is that you can accumulate these points while doing your normal, everyday searches, so it's not taking any extra time! Who couldn't use a few extra dollars for Amazon goodies every now and then? I've been signed up for a month now and have earned $55.00 in Amazon Gift Cards (AGC). YAY! Free Books!

The even better news is that SwagBucks has a referral program. When someone signs up for SwagBucks through your referral link, every time they earn a swagbuck while searching, you earn one too, up to 1000!

I also downloaded a little SwagBucks browser toolbar, to make it even easier to use SwagBucks for all my searches.

So, if you've heard about SwagBucks but weren't sure if it was something worth signing up for, here's my vote to "Just do it".

Full Disclosure (of course) The SwagBucks links in this blog are my referral links and I'll get extra points when you sign up. Once you've signed up, you can email or post your own referral links on your own blog to earn some extra points as well!

Those of you who've been using SwagBucks for a while now, tell us what your favorite prize is! I'd love to hear how SwagBucks has worked out for you. (Or, if it hasn't worked very well, I'd like to hear about that too!)

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