Saturday, November 13, 2010

The 411 on Swagbucks

If you are reading this blog, you know that I LOVE me some Swagbucks.

Unfortunately, a lot of you have no clue what they are, so I thought I’d give you a little 411. is a site that allows you to earn SwagBucks aka “digital dollars” while searching the internet, something that we do on a daily basis anyway. You can then cash them in for prizes in their Swag Store or for gift cards. I personally go for the gift cards. You can get Gift Cards from just about anywhere, including Amazon, Target, Lowe’s, Apple, Bass Pro, and much, much more. I’ve even decided to stockpile my gift cards from now until Christmas and use them to buy some of the kiddos presents. It’s like getting free gifts!

How do you get started?

    * Go here and register for a SwagBucks account. You will immediately be rewarded with 30 SB’s.
    * Use the search bar on their page just like you would goggle or yahoo when looking something up. You will randomly see an image pop-up on the screen saying you have won “x” amount of SB’s. Those are immediately added to your account.
    * On a daily basis, you want to visit their poll, trusted survey, and NOSO pages. Each page rewards you with 1 SB daily. You can also participate in the surveys to receive additional SB’s.
    *Be sure and check out SwagbucksTV for an additional 5 SB's, just for watching videos.
    * Follow them on Facebook to receive information about Swagcodes that come out almost daily.
    * Refer your friends! For each referral, you can receive up to 1000 SB’s. You will also receive additional SB’s each time they receive a SB.

Super simple, right?

I have been using for a little over a month, and have already received enough Swagbucks  to snag $55 in Amazon Gift Cards (AGC) and am on my way to another $5 AGC very soon.

For more FAQ’s, visit their site here.

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